good business broker will perform many duties through the entire sales process of a business.

For example, developing a quality business sale and marketing plan that is customized for the business he or she is representing is one of many important tasks. Here is a very basic overview of a broker’s responsibility:

  1. Determine valuation and list business
  2. Confidentially, but strategically market the business to potential buyers using print, online, in person, over the phone, and other marketing channels
  3. Market on various sites using broker premium ads
  4. Actively find buyers
  5. Screen and qualify potential buyers
  6. Gather all potential documents needed from a potential buyer to maintain confidentiality such as a Non-Disclosure agreement
  7. Arrange all necessary communication between buyers and sellers
  8. Mediate meetings between potential buyers and business sellers
  9. Assist buyers in obtaining financing if necessary through a lending source
  10. Assist sellers in gathering the necessary documents needed for the due diligence process (Also the listing process)
  11. Negotiate on behalf of seller
  12. Guide a seller through the entire process step-by-step

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